UCAT Seeks Candidates to contest the General Election

The newly-formed UCAT party is looking at capitalising from the defeat of UKIP, and is currently seeking to field candidates for the general election.

If you are in a safe seat with no prospect of change then please consider putting your cat up for nomaination – or vote for your local UCAT candidate if you already have one.

To be considered for nomination, please contact us with the following details:

  • Name and Photo
  • Which constituency will you stand in?
  • Can you handle the responsibility of a role in the cabinet? If so, please let us know which position you’d like to stand for and why.

Once we’ve received the above information we will provide you with your own digital campaign leaflet and fund-raising assistance Cat Flap Pack.

Please note: Only British Cats will be allowed to stand. All candidates must be represented by an English-speaking human interlocutor.