Otto for West Suffolk

Another Defecation to UCAT! Otto Oliverski, the former chaircat of HASP (the Humans Are Stupid Party), has joined faeces with UCAT and is ready for the role of shadow foreign minister once he has defeated his rivals in West Suffolk.

He is seen as a purrfect candidate for this role, because he is quite shadowy (as a Black cat), and of Romanian ancestry (don’t worry the Romanians are British too coz they built Adrians Wall to keep the Scousers out).

His primary aim in foreign policy is a total ban on arms sales. “I don’t see how you can sell your arms anyway, aren’t they attached to your body?“, he says, proposing that all arms be used for cuddling purposes instead.

A fierce defender of absolute freedom of movement for cats, especially into neighbouring gardens, he has previously called for the deportation of all dogs, but has mellowed his stance since, suggesting that they should be chained to trees in their own back gardens for “easy-teasing” instead.

He firmly rejects the ancient diplomatic principle of reciprocity, because he has found bullying and blackmail to be more effective for negotiations in the past.

A fierce supporter of the Kippers for Tea Movement, he also believes that top quality meat should be reserved for feline use only. The dogs can have the rest. He does however insist on maintaining his centrist position in the middle of the bed and has been reluctant to support UCAT’s proposed ban on Eurocats.

Support OTTO for WEST SUFFOLK to eat KIPPERS for TEA!

To find out what type of cat his opponent is, please see his voting record.