Secret Plan for the Allotment Plot

– F O R   C A T S   E Y E S   O N L Y –
***All Cats are reminded that this is STICTLY ComeFIDENTIAL – Do NOT SHARE this – it must NOT be LEAKED ON!”***

The Secret Plan for the “ALLOTMENT PLOT”


1. Underfund Civilian Law enforcement a.k.a Bobby on the Street (done)
2. Replace with Soldiers on the Street (done)
3. Monitor all human activity online *EXCEPT offshore banking (in progress)
4. Control Freedom of Information (in progress)
5. Abolish all Human Rights legislation – Phase 1 (indocrination of population) and Phase 2 (removal of obstacles) almost complete, Phase 3 (legal changes) to start with the Great Repeal Bill in June 2017.
6. Ensure a one-party majority in GE2027 to build a one-party stare and minimse opposition to the Great Repeal Bill (back-up plan may be necessary – see 8 below)
7. Bully the press, courts and any MPs or citizens that dare step out of line (in progress – may require more resources)
8. Replace parliament with a National Council for Strength and Stability under authority of the glorious Supreme Leader (proposal submitted)