Clover for East Ham

With only 2 days before the election, we are proud to announce CLOVER for EAST HAM.

Clover is a mother cat who thinks she knows what’s best for everyone , and while you may not agree, she will always insist she is right.

Despite the fact that she likes to sit on the Social Sciences shelf in the library, and look down on Imperial History beneath her, Clover has very little understanding of the law or politics, and not much more of history.  In fact, she can’t read at all and has very little experience  of the big world outside, so it comes at no surprise that she often makes claims that are politely called “misleading”.

For instance, she has claimed that the EU actively discriminates against commonwealth families and migrants  in favour of EU migrants, which is clearly a lot of rubbish, as the EU lot aren’t allowed to vote  in  this election) while the commonwealth lot can. In fact, the Eurocats most certainly weren’t allowed to vote in the 2016 Referendum on #BoatyMcBoatface either, because had they been  allowed to vote,  there’s have been 3 million  more votes to remain in the EU, and we wouldn’t be dealing with this Brexit mess now.

Clover has no abilities or interest in making a deal with the Eurocats in Brussels, and thinks now it’s time for a huge cat fight instead!


To vote for Clover on Thursday,  simply 1) cross out the other candidates’ names on the ballot paper, and 2) write her name and party on the paper instead  (“CLOVER” + “UCAT Party” – if you can’t write so good you can just draw a picture of a cat).

REMEMBER: Staying at home is only half a vote for us. EVERY DEFACED BALLOT PAPER COUNTS AS A FULL VOTE FOR UCAT!  Make it a full vote…