Bubu for Uxbridge and South Ruislip


UCAT is proud to announce Bubu as its cat-didate for Uxbridge and South Ruislip, where she will run against Bobo the clown.

Bubu is seen as  a serious contender for this seat as she possesses similar skills and attributes to her opponent. Like Bobo, she has no interest in the consequences of her actions, and is guaranteed to annoy someone with everything she does.

Most importantly, Bubu is also highly adept at using silly antics to cover her own serious diplomatic blunders – and at timing these cleverly to distract from whatever it is that we are trying to cover up this week. Whenever UCAT needs to deflect attention from some scandal of dodgy campaign  finances,  misuse of public funds or simply that we lied again, we just need to send Bubu somewhere where there’s plenty of opportunity for clowning around. Religious sites and the offices of foreign governments are especially good for getting full media attention away from whatever it was.

Bubu truly is on another level. She:

  • offends more people per minute than any other candidate
  • voted FOR Boaty McBoatface
  • consistently defended the WILL of the PEOPLE to name Boaty McBoatface against the ENEMIES of the PEOPLE
  • will write anything on a bus or boat to get elected

Unlike her opponent, she will not refuse to take the premiership (if and when offered). In fact, she’ll happily stab every cat in the back to get it.

She also claims to have a better understanding of Breakfast, including the dog’s breakfast, and says that a CRUNCHY one is better than one that’s too HARD or SOFT.

If you like your politicians to act really stupid then,  you must VOTE BUBU for UXBRIDGE and SOUTH RUISLIP on June 8th !

But BEWARE: To be allowed to vote, you must register to vote before May 22nd