Curtis for Esher and Walton

UCAT’s Parliamentary Spokescat for The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Curtis Sleepyhead, is planning to contest the seat of Esher and Walton currently held by Dominic Raab MP (more info here).

“I’m going to rattle his cage by targeting his closest supporters” says Curtis, “and I’m going to make sure that he is scared of me. The only thing he can do then is copy my policies to try and get his supporters back”.

Curtis is known for his extreme opposition to agriculture and dried foods, which he want to abolish NOW, but he is less vocal about other the UCAT policies (as outlined in our manifesto).

Indeed, some allege that Curtis once said that he is “not too bothered” by birds, and there are malicious rumours that he is still intimate with a Eurocat. UCAT denies these lies and is pleased to announce its support for his campaign, although we expect Curtis to finance it himself.


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