Maggie for Dover and Dogger Bank

To prove UCAT is not a species-ist party, we have decided to allow a token dog to run under the UCAT banner.

Maggie the Doggie* will be running for the new constituency of Dover and Dogger Bank to which all lucky dogs will be relocated once we have taken power. The unlucky one will be put on the Isle of Dogs, which our Minister of Defence has other plans for.

Dogger Bank is a true paradise for dogs. It has green hills with long grass and lots of rabbits, and there’s a bone hidden everywhere you dig. Before being led there, all dogs will be kept at the new holding camp hotel that we will build in Dover.

As a blind dog, Maggie trust us to look after her best interest. If you are stupid enough to trust us to act in your interest too, then make sure you are registered to vote before midnight on May 22nd, so you can write us in on your ballot come election day.

(*not to be confused with Maggie Catcher our cat-didate for Maidenhead).