Winston for Windsor

Meet Winston – the UCAT cat-didate for Windsor!

Winston is a revolutionary idealist who likes to pretend that he is a conservative. He joined UCAT in order to promote his bizarre notion of the “Patriotic Destruction of British Business“, which he hopes to achieve by Leaving the Single Garden and causing great instability all around.

In  a short time, he has made quite a name for himself as a cat that is not willing to listen to the views of others, even when they are better informed than him, and he  has made it clear that he certainly has no interest in representing anyone’s interest but his own. Of course, he refuses to take part in debates and interviews, and we certainly don’t expect him to participate in any hustings prior to the General Election.

Some say that Winston’s policies are COPYCAT policies, which Winston  firmly denies. While we have to admit there is probably some truth in that, we want to point out that if you scrutinse the voting record of Adam Afriye you can identify a couple of minor policy differences that set Winston apart.

In  general you can assume that Winston’s policies are just the kind of thing you’d expect from a bucking Brexiteer with little regard for tradition, security or the rule of law. If that’s what you want then  please vote WINSTON for WINDSOR by crossing out the other candidates’ names and “writing him in”.